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Classic Glass Engraving
Fine and Functional Glass Art

About the Artist
Amanda is an award winning artist* who began fostering her passions for glass and form by specializing in creating custom, original stained glass in 1998 and fused glass designs at the beginning of 2007. 

An honors graduate from the Illinois Institute of Technology with a degree in civil engineering and masters in environmental engineering, Amanda combines her trained skills with her imagination to create beautiful and structurally sound artwork.  Amanda served as a civil engineer officer in the United States Air Force for seven years.  In 2005, she left active duty to support her family as a stay-at-home mother and proud Air Force wife.

During the spring of 2008, six months after establishing Holmes in Glass, LLC and shortly after the birth of her third child, an overloaded log truck, running full speed through a red light, collided with Amanda and her children as they were returning from a family outing.  Miraculously, the children endured without physical injury.  Amanda survived, but remained in a coma for two weeks, and suffered significant traumatic brain injury.  Beyond her family’s, friends’, and physicians’ expectations, Amanda made an amazing recovery.  With the care and rehabilitative services of The Shepherd Center in Atlanta, Amanda overcame the paralysis of her left side, learned again to walk, speak and drive, and regained her cognitive skills.  With much perseverance, a renewed respect for life, and many blessings, Amanda appreciates that she is able to resume her glasswork.

*Georgia Fine Art Merit Award 




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